About Toughees

Toughees School Shoes Celebrating 60 Years Toughees School Shoes – Over Sixty Years of Success

Toughees have been a trusted children’s school shoe brand since 1954 – a proud heritage for a company that values its high quality products and solid history. Four million pairs of Toughees school shoes and wellington boots are sold in Southern Africa each year, making them the market leader and proving that parents really do vote with their (kids’) feet!

Inspired by children who regularly walk long distances to get to school, Toughees also manufacture podiatry-approved styles, encouraging the kind of strong foot development that is essential for children’s healthy foot growth.

The bones in children’s feet don’t fully form until their bodies are fully grown (around 18), so ill fitting footwear can damage a growing child’s feet. Too wide, too narrow, too short, too long – Toughees knows the importance of correct sizing, which is why our styles are varied to allow for different foot shapes and sizes, and feature straps, buckles and other adjustable fastenings to provide the best possible fit for your child’s feet.


Cool, comfortable quality school shoes – in a range of sizes

Toughees children’s shoes are made with high quality non-polish leather, so you simply need to wipe them clean with a damp cloth to keep your children and teenagers looking smart in their school shoes.

All Toughees children’s school shoes come protected for durability while providing cool breathable comfort for young feet.

Toughees know that children’s feet are getting bigger with each generation, so our school shoes are available from UK size 9 (junior) up to adult size 8 for girls and 11 for boys.


Toughees wellington boots

Toughees children’s wellington boots are the perfect choice for all seasons. Our bright range of wellies come complete with a warm removable sock that is ideal for keeping feet warm and dry in winter and autumn.

Then, when the sock is removed the welly is one EU size larger to allow for growth and making them perfect for sploshing around in spring and summer!

Whenever and wherever your children want to play, their Toughees will be ready for action.


Generations of approval

Toughees classic children’s school shoes and wellington boots have withstood the running, jumping, scuffing and other mystery shoe ordeals of generations of kids just like yours. Children in Southern Africa who wear Toughees to school grow into parents who buy Toughees shoes for their own kids – because they know how durable and comfortable Toughees children’s school shoes are.


Toughees School Shoes – a shared experience

All over the world, children and teenagers have vastly different experiences growing up and going to school.
While here in Britain we deal with all kinds of weathers and start our day around 0830, in South Africa they deal with higher temperatures and begin their day of lessons at around 0730.

But school children across the globe all have at least one thing in common: their limitless energy means that their shoes – particularly their school shoes and wellies – need to be able to go the distance.


The best fit for your family

Toughees are designed with active children and their parents in mind:

Mums and Dads are looking for children’s shoes that look smart, are durable, easy to clean and lengthen the time between after-school trips to the shoe shop.

Kids are looking for shoes that look cool, are comfortable to wear and… that lengthen the time between after-school trips to the shoe shop!

We believe that Toughees school shoes are the best fit for you and your children.