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term® School Shoes & Outdoors

term® School Shoes & Outdoors is a British brand registered in 2016 by a husband and wife team, who have been importing and selling a variety of children’s footwear brands in the UK. We started our business 8 years ago, to supply school shoes to the UK market and have learned much about the types of shoes British children need. term was born out of the desire to make a great shoes and boots that children want to wear.

term® Wellington Boots

We have launched the brand with our own design of wellington boots, perfect for the winter weather! The wellies are manufactured in the EU from high quality materials and conform to EU standards. The are flexible and lightweight with an added advantage of a removable roll top sock. The sock provides great warmth and comfort (as wellies can be very cold in the winter) and when the spring arrives you can simply remove the sock and the boot will be one EU size larger, so they will last the child for the spring/summer too. When you buy your wellies, you will see dual EU sizes on the sole e.g. 20/21, 22/23 etc..

Term Footwear Box

Designed in the UK

The shoes have been designed in the UK for the needs and desires of the UK child and we aim to make school shoes that even secondary school children will wear! term school shoes are manufactured in India, in accordance with EU standards. Once a child reaches 11 years old, they tend to turn their backs on traditional school shoes and buy high street fashion shoes, often very cheap and with no support, even damaging their feet. term shoes will provide better support for these developing years, great insoles for comfort and designs that a teenager would be happy to wear…watch this space!

Our designs for the younger market are gorgeous with contemporary and traditional options, concentrating on comfort and fit.

  • High quality leather upper, double dyed through, so that if scuffed it is less noticeable and can be polished in
  • Thermo rubber flexible and strong soles
  • Touch fastening and lace options – *new* loafers for older girls
  • Price range from £39.99-£49.99 depending on size/style


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