Storing School Shoes: Which Way Works Best During Term Time?

The majority of parents will breathe a brief sigh of relief when they have finally managed to get hold of the perfect school shoes that are strong, stylish and comfortable. But then a new task arises: where do they keep them? It suddenly becomes impractical to store the footwear away in a neat little box once school starts – and it’s up to mums and dads to enforce where their children should keep the shoes every night. With this in mind, here are three great places to consider storing kids’ school shoes during term time.

1. By the door

There are a number of benefits to keeping school shoes by the door. First of all, it teaches children that they should remove their footwear after school rather than risk them traipsing dirt through the home. Secondly, kids will quickly learn that their shoes are the last things that they should put on before leaving the house each morning. However, ensure they are neatly stored in a recess or cupboard if possible so as not to pose a tripping hazard.

2. Under the stairs

In a lot of households, under the stairs has become a convenient place for people to immediately unload their belongings when they return home. This is usually items such as coats, hats and bags. If children keep their shoes in this space, it will mean that the footwear is out of sight and easy to track down again in the morning, therefore eliminating the chance of the dreaded words: “I can’t find my shoes”. It's also recommended if you have a pet that likes to chew on shoes left lying on the floor!

3. In the bedroom

It’s possible that children can learn a thing or two about responsibility and organisation if they are allowed to keep their school shoes in the bedroom, in particular in a closet or wardrobe. After all, parents shouldn’t be afraid to teach their kids that everything has a place – and when it comes to shoes it’s best that this place is one that’s neat, tidy and often in their bedroom. This could also get them used to putting on their own shoes in a morning.

The choice is yours!

There aren’t necessarily any right or wrong places to keep school shoes and parents should just make sure that the designated space is out of the way and dry but not too warm as this could cause shoe leather to contract. Of course, before making this decision, mums and dads must first choose the perfect pair of shoes. For options that both parents and children will love, check out the selection provided by New Brands.