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The summer holidays mark the perfect opportunity for parents to throw out their child’s old school shoes and buy a fresh new pair for September. You’ll find that New Brands’ Term range is full of footwear that’s strong, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Check it out today!

Why high quality leather shoes are so important for children

When it comes to buying your children’s school shoes you need to ensure you’re buying shoes that with withstand the regular tests your kids put them through. You want to ensure that the shoes you buy for your children can keep them going all day running around with friends, whilst giving their feet the right support to develop and grow healthily. High-quality leather is the best material to choose when buying school shoes, as it is a tough, strong material that will protect your child’s feet, whilst being malleable enough to let them enjoy all the fun they want to. Below we’ve listed out the top benefits of buying high-quality leather shoes.


Leather shoes have a unique ability to allow air to pass in and out of the material of your shoes, meaning they allow your feet to ‘breathe’ during wear. This means your child’s feet won’t overheat whilst they wear their school shoes, causing discomfort and bad odour.

Water resistant

Leather shoes can repel water, meaning it’s an ideal material to use in school shoes as your child will no doubt love running through puddles. During the walk to school, or from the car to the school gate and all day long you’ll have peace of mind your child’s feet are being kept dry throughout all their games and adventures. If polished regularly, this will help the leather to remain water repellant.


Your child’s feet will grow at a rapid rate, but leather shoes allow for movement within their feet, across width and length. The softness of the high-quality leather means the shoe will mould to fit the individual shape of your child’s feet so that they’re comfortable all day long.


Leather shoes are fantastic for your child’s school shoes as they are so easy to maintain. You can wipe the leather clean each day without damaging the material. So, no matter the number of puddles, spills, grass or mud your child’s played in, their shoes will stay looking in great condition for a long time. You should also regularly polish the leather to maintain its appearance and strength.

At New Brands Limited, we ensure all our shoes are produced from the highest quality leather to ensure our schools are both sturdy and comfortable. To shop our full range today or Term shoes, click here.