School Shoes are for School

School Shoes are for School

As well as buying books and a uniform, getting new shoes for your child ahead of the school year is an important purchase. Trying to find that balance between what your child likes and what you deem to be appropriate for wearing in the classroom can prove to be quite the challenge.

The battle to keep your child's shoes clean and well maintained...

Even when you and your son or daughter have agreed on a pair of shoes that will see them through the year, keeping them looking clean and shiny can throw up a number of roadblocks.

If your child decides that they are going to kick a ball around on the local field straight after school, make sure that they change their footwear before doing so. This needs to be a strongly-made point on a parent's part if you want the shoes to last the school year.

Changing into trainers shouldn't be a problem, but...

It might seem like a simple act to go home and change into a tracksuit and trainers, but when it comes to children and adolescents, things are rarely straightforward.

Even if the shoes that you have purchased boast the strongest materials on the market, the fact remains that they have been designed to complement a school uniform — not to kick a football up a field or engage in high-energy activity.

Treat the shoes with respect and they won't see you wrong

Like all clothes, if you treat them right they will generally last the test of time, but if you mistreat them, they won't. It's a very simple equation that should be told to your child when buying a new pair of school shoes.

All school shoes that are sold by New Brands are made to the very highest standard to last the school day, as long as they are treated with respect.

However, no footwear brand in the world offers indestructible school shoes and, as soon as your child begins to kick a ball around in them, it is only natural that the lifespan of the shoes will shorten.

Take care of your shoes and they will take care of you!

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