5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Child’s New School Shoes

Any good parent will admit that the mission to find the perfect footwear for their child is not an easy one. You have to consider the look, the durability, and design of the shoe, as well as take into consideration whether or not your child will be able to do them up without your help.

Although there is no such thing as indestructible school shoes, we can offer customers strong and sturdy school shoes which strike the perfect balance between strength and comfort. If you are having a little trouble deciding on the perfect footwear for your little one, ask yourself these five questions before purchasing to avoid wasting cash and ensure you are making the right choice.

1. Do they fit?

It sounds obvious, but paying attention to shoe fittings, avoids ending up with a pair that does not fit a child at all. Or, in some cases, it might fit on the day, but there is little to no room for their feet to grow. This will only end in parents buying another pair shortly after the first. Not ideal!

2. Do they have sole?

Children don't stop. From the moment they wake up and buckle themselves in, to the moment they get home and kick them off by the door, school shoes really do get a run for their money, so make sure you invest in rubber soles to avoid slipping and potentially falling apart a week into the new term.

3. Are they weatherproof?

Unfortunately, the weather here in the United Kingdom is not always sunshine and rainbows, so your child should always be prepared for all kinds of weather. Ensure that they are made from high-quality materials that won't seep through, leaving your child feeling uncomfortable and the shoe falling apart.

4. Are they in line with uniform requirements?

Black trainers are not the same as smart shoes. Triple check your child's school uniform requirements (especially if starting somewhere new) to make sure you don't make a mistake. Once they've been worn, it's too late to return, so will end up costing you much more than if you got it right the first time.

5. How does your child feel about them?

This has become a top priority! It helps if your child likes the style of the shoe as the last thing you need when you're running late on a Monday morning, is your child unhappy to wear their shoes. Also, make sure you choose a fastening your child is comfortable with grappling alone to avoid causing issues when getting dressed.

Whatever style or size shoe you are after, ensure that you invest in durable and strong school shoes for both boys and girls, with enough space for them to grow.

Find out more about our available styles today. Term Footwear is designed with style, comfort and fit in mind - which should take care of everything!