School Shoes are for School
School Shoes are for School
As well as buying books and a uniform, getting new shoes for your child ahead of the school year is an important purchase. Trying to find that balance between what your child likes and what you deem to be appropriate for wearing in the classroom can prove to be quite the challenge. The battle to […]
Back to Basics to Invest in Good Health for Children
Back to Basics - Invest in Good Health for Children
Back to basics to invest in good health for children. Almost half of the UK’s adult population is now living with chronic back pain, some of which results from damaging habits formed in childhood – including from poor, unsupportive footwear. Nurses and other staff constantly on their feet at work wear shoes that support their […]
Tips for Breaking in New Shoes
Tips for Breaking in New Shoes
Sturdy school shoes that fit well and are made from good quality materials will provide comfort to your child’s feet. But, if you want to break new shoes in before letting your child run loose on the school playground, here are some tips to follow. Get used to them gradually Breaking new shoes in involves […]
5 Steps to Finding the Perfect School Shoe
As parents, we want everything from our children’s school shoes. We want them to be comfortable, stylish and indestructible and then we’re disappointed when they scuff or wear out after what seems like 5 minutes. So what are the 5 steps to finding school shoes your child will love to wear and you’ll be happy […]
Family Festival Survival
Family Festival Survival
As the summer term goes on, many parents’ thoughts will be turning to their plans for the long holidays ahead, and how to keep their children busy until the new academic year begins in September. An increasingly popular answer to the question “what did you do in the holidays?” is “we went to a music […]
What to Look for in a Child’s Shoe
What to look for in a child's shoe? Child's foot with smiles drawn on
Your child’s foot is an incredibly complex structure composed of bone and cartilage that isn’t fully developed until your child is 18. Therefore, from toddler cruising to school age style, it’s incredibly important that your children’s shoes are robust, supportive and fit properly. They should also be flexible and ensure the full range of movement […]
Why It’s So Important to Buy the Right School Shoes for Your Kids
Buy the Right School Shoes - Kids in Classroom
With the average school day lasting over 6 hours, the shoes your child wears each day can really affect their ability to concentrate, ensuring they get the most out of their education. It’s imperative to buy the right school shoes for your kids, to allow their feet to develop properly and saving them problems later […]