Why It’s So Important to Buy the Right School Shoes for Your Kids
Buy the Right School Shoes - Kids in Classroom
With the average school day lasting over 6 hours, the shoes your child wears each day can really affect their ability to concentrate, ensuring they get the most out of their education. It’s imperative to buy the right school shoes for your kids, to allow their feet to develop properly and saving them problems later […]
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Kids School Shoes for Summer
School Shoes for Summer - Playground Steeped in Sunlight
What are the best children’s school shoes to buy this summer? There are so many different styles to choose from, that it can be a little bit difficult to know what the best types of summer shoes are for your child. Below we offer our quick guide to buying the perfect summer shoe for your […]
The Burning Question: Laces or Slip-ons?
Laces or Slip-Ons? Image of two styles side by side
Buying school shoes for your child can be a challenging exercise. Finding the balance between what your son or daughter wants and what you deem to be appropriate is all-important. Today we will discuss the burning question: laces or slip-ons. Fashion trends change like the weather among children. Last week a slip-on style may have […]
Top 5 Tips for Tying Shoelaces
Tying Shoelaces - New Brands Footwear
Children are tying shoelaces later than ever before, thanks to velcro shoe fastenings. But there comes a day when every child will need to be able to tie the laces up on their school shoes, because lace-up styles are simply more secure and supportive for growing feet. However, tying laces is a really complex skill […]
Choosing Girls School Shoes
Choosing Girls School Shoes
While most boys are happy to go back to school in trainer style shoes, girls can be much more adventurous… or choosy! While getting the right fit is paramount when choosing any type of children’s shoes, when choosing girls school shoes you also need to consider style, materials and of course, school dress codes. School […]
Choosing Boys’ School Shoes
Choosing Boys' School Shoes.- Hoddle Slip-On
When it comes to choosing boys’ school shoes, different occasions and settings require different footwear. Since these shoes are kept on for the entire day, it’s important that shoes are both comfortable and fit for indoor use. In addition, they should fit well enough to ensure that if your child requires the shoes is going […]
The Importance of Durable Shoes for Kids
The Importance of Durable Shoes for Kids
There is no doubting that kids get through shoes at a rate that most parents would like to reduce. It comes as no surprise then that durability is an indispensable quality when choosing shoes for kids. Young children’s footwear can be outgrown before being worn down, which is why choosing durable shoes for kids is an […]
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