The New Brands Footwear Story

Mums, Dads – we hear you…

Sharon New - Director of New Brands FootwearGrowing up in South Africa, New Brands Footwear director, Sharon New wore Toughees school shoes every single day. “I was always running around doing something,” she says. “Skipping, climbing trees, riding my bike – but my shoes could handle it all. They were comfortable and durable and all they needed was a quick wipe to make them presentable after a long day on my feet!”

Years later, bringing up her own children in the UK, Sharon found that finding them suitable school shoes was no easy task.

“Buying school shoes was always difficult – finding the right children’s shoe, of the right quality, was so time-consuming and stressful. Especially since it inevitably would have to be repeated quite often in a school year. No normal shoe or welly boot could handle my kids for long!”

Then, while visiting relatives in South Africa she suddenly remembered her trusty Toughees school shoes. She was relieved to find that they were still being produced – and that they were as reliable as ever.

“Toughees were everything my kids’ shoes needed to be and they made my life as a parent that little bit easier. I decided I had to bring them to the UK and share them with other parents,” she says.

New Brands

Along with her husband Lincoln, Sharon set up New Brands Footwear and began importing Toughees school shoes and wellington boots to Britain.

Seven years on, Toughees are well on their way to becoming one of the most trusted school shoe for cool kids in the UK, even being nominated twice as one of the ‘Top 5 Children’s Footwear brands’ by the UK footwear Industry.

This experience has led New Brands to develop a new school shoe brand, which provides the same great school shoes but with a more contemporary design, extra comfort and fit.  Term school shoes are designed to appeal to children who want a more casual or fashionable style but with qualities that mean the shoes are good for developing feet.  With double dyed through leather, to always look smart, cushioned insoles and great design, Term shoes will appeal to kids who are care about the style of school shoes but Term will also appeal to the parent who insists on good quality and good support for growing feet.  Schools also approve our school shoe designs.

Term wellingtons with a rolltop sock and Term school shoes are available now.

Order now and make Term part of your family.