How to Buy School Shoes for Growing Feet

Children's feet are much more different to adults feet than most people probably realise. It's not just that they're growing rapidly - foot bone structure doesn't develop properly until we're between 16 and 18. All of this makes buying high-quality shoes for children absolutely crucial. Children's feet are so malleable that without the proper support of high-quality shoes, you may be sentencing your child to a lifetime of podiatrist visits.

We only get one pair of feet, and it's important to look after them. Blisters are unpleasant but will heal, however problems with walking can be established very young and are often a challenge to fix. If your child develops bone changes from improperly fitting shoes, their big toes won't work as they're supposed to, leading to balance problems and bunions that can be very painful.

The average child wears their school shoes for 1,000 hours, or almost a million steps. Some of that time will be sitting at their desk, but a lot of it will be spent running around at playtime or walking from class to class. Because of that, it's important to buy shoes that fit well.

Parents are often tempted to buy shoes that are far too large for their children's feet. While feet do grow over time, it's most important that you look after them by buying the correct sized shoes! Leave a little bit of room - an adult's thumb width is often a good guide - but not so much that your children's feet lack adequate support while they're on the move. School shoes shouldn't just be durable, they should make sure children's feet are protected from harm.

Leather school shoes are a great option for growing feet. As well as being breathable, they mould to the shape of your child's feet over time, guaranteeing a brilliant fit that gives all the support they need. An added bonus is how smart they look! They scratch or scuff less, and are easy to keep in great nick with just a little TLC.

Sturdy school shoes don't have to mean compromising on design. Check out our terrific range of shoes for boys and girls - all the support with all of the style.