The Style Factor: 3 Reasons the Appearance of School Shoes Matters

The best school shoes should certainly be strong, durable and comfortable. The question now is: should they also be pleasing to the eye? Just because school footwear is mandatory uniform doesn’t mean that children wish to go to school with in unsightly or dull footwear. After all, school shoes can be smart, stylish and long-lasting if you are shopping in the right place and looking after them correctly. Here are three benefits you can expect to enjoy if you buy the right pair of shoes for your son or daughter.

1. Increased pride

It’s important that children should learn to take pride in their appearance. This has many advantages – not least the fact that when they eventually get older they’ll need to wear suitable clothing to work and job interviews if they are to be successful. Therefore, it’s never too early to instil a sense of pride from a young age by teaching your kids that they shouldn’t be happy with wearing shoes that look scruffy or dirty. Instead, they can be accustomed to only wearing shoes that look clean and acceptable. Take time to clean their shoes with them on a weekend and they'll soon develop the habit of looking after their belongings.

2. Avoids bullying

Playground squabbles often arise over silly little things. It’s not unheard of for children to target each other based on their appearance – and scruffy school shoes could well be the reason for another kid to pick on your son or daughter - unbelievable but true! Help avoid this though by making sure that your child is wearing stylish shoes that are well maintained and visually pleasing.

3. Adheres to the school policy

Never forget that your child is representing their school whenever they wear their school uniform, which means teachers want to ensure children always present as neat and tidy as possible. Don't wait for their teacher to have to intervene and awkwardly pull you aside at the school gates; make sure your child's school shoes are always in tip-top condition.