4 Reasons Not to Delay Buying New School Shoes This Summer

This summer most parents will have a long list of school-related errands to run for their children, such as buying uniform and stationery. They will also have to arrange for their kids to have a new pair of shoes before the next term swings around in September. This isn’t a task that should be put off and left until the last minute. Instead, parents should experience the benefits of buying school shoes now. Here are four advantages to going down this route.


School shoes are generally sleek and stylish. This means that they are perfectly acceptable to be worn outside the classroom on some occasions. Don’t let the summer pass you by – along with fancy occasions such as birthdays, weddings and christenings – without a pair of new school shoes that your child can wear early.


The best school shoes are designed for maximum comfort. However, they may need to be worn in just like any other footwear. The shoes can become more flexible and provide extra give once they’ve been worn a few times, so ideally children should wear them on a handful of occasions before term resumes. This should ensure that the shoes are a pleasure to wear on your child’s first day back at school.


The process of buying school shoes should be seen as an activity rather than a chore. Don't put off purchasing footwear, you and your children can actually make it a fun pastime and combine it with a treat at a favourite ice cream shop or visit to the park afterwards. Shop now and avoid becoming pressed for time – and subsequently stressed – the closer you leave it until September.


If you’re quick off the mark you’ll have more time to explore all the fantastic ranges available. This means that you won’t have to settle on the first footwear you stumble across and can instead secure school shoes for your children that are durable, comfortable and strong.

Get stuck in!

New Brands provide a wide selection of school shoes that both parents and children will fall in love with. You can enjoy the many advantages of shopping for them early just by checking out the wide range available on our website.