School Shoe Sizing Guide

School Shoe Sizing Guide


Looking for a School Shoe Sizing Guide? At New Brands Footwear we know that for some families, ordering children’s school shoes online can save a lot of time and effort. We also know that finding the right size shoes for your growing child’s feet can be a confusing and stressful process without expert store supervision.

So we’ve endeavoured to make finding your children’s correct shoe size for online purchasing as simple as we can – with our handy printable School Shoe Sizing Guide.

Just print off this Sizing Guide, follow its simple instructions and let it guide you towards the best size for your child’s shoes or wellington boots*.



Some of our children and teenager’s school shoes are designated ‘Podiatrist Approved’. This means that these cool shoes have been approved by the South African Podiatry Association for having a wider fit, being lighter and more flexible. These features encourage strong foot growth and provide more comfort for children – essential in a child’s school shoe.



All children’s shoe manufacturers have their own different sizing system so there is no uniform industry standard size scale. But if you are more familiar with other manufacturer’s width fittings, this table might provide you with useful comparisons for each of our children’s shoe styles.

  Boys Styles   Suggested Width…   Similar to…
 Class – podiatrist approved  medium/ wide   F/G
 Clerk  medium   F
 Diem  medium/wide   F/G
 Hank  medium   F
 Lotus  medium/wide   F/G
 Luke  medium/wide   F/G
 Nathan  narrow/medium   E/F
 William  medium   F
 Girls Styles  Suggested Width…   Similar to…
 Christine  medium/wide   F/G
 Eleanor  medium   F
 Kate – podiatrist approved  medium/wide   F/G
 Paola  medium/wide   F/G
 Pearl  narrow/medium   E/F
 Rebecca  narrow/medium   E/F
 Sara  narrow/medium   E/F
 Sindy  narrow/medium   E/F
 Vivianne  medium/wide   F/G


To convert EU children’s shoe sizes to UK children’s shoe sizes, just use this handy conversion chart.


  UK   EUR
  3.5    (child)   20
  4       (child)   20
  4.5    (child)   21
  5       (child)   22
  5.5    (child)   22
  6       (child)   23
  6.5    (child)   23
  7       (child)   24
  7.5    (child)   25
  8       (child)   25
  8.5    (child)   26
  9       (child)   27
  9.5    (child)   27
  10     (child)   28
  10.5  (child)   29
  11     (child)   29
  11.5  (child)   30
  12     (child)   31
  12.5  (child)   31
  13     (child)   32
  13.5  (child)   33
  1       (child)   33
  1.5   34
  2   34
  2.5   35
  3   36
  3.5   36
  4   37
  4.5   37
  5   38
  5.5   39
  6   39
  6.5   40
  7   41
  7.5   42
  8   42
  8.5   43
  9   43
  9.5   44
  10   45
  1.5   45
  11   46




We understand that every child’s foot is different and measuring for children’s school shoes can sometimes be difficult – even with our school shoe sizing guide. So if you receive your children’s shoes and the size isn’t perfect just Contact Us to let us know that you wish to exchange your children’s shoes and as soon as we receive your return we will happily send you one exchange, with free delivery.

(For further exchanges we charge a minimal £3.95 delivery fee.)